Pre-treatment Plants

  • Batch type pre-cleaning enclosures
  • Conveyorised spray pre-treatments
  • Dip type pre-treatment with hoist and PLC based transporters
We select the right type of pre-treatment based on your production, type of component and chemical process.

We design optimum tank sizes for dip process.

Equipment are designed to suit the chemicals suggested by chemical supplier.

For heating of the solutions we provide following options:
  • Electric heaters
  • Directly immersed oil fired or gas fired heat exchangers
  • External hot water system
Selection of these systems depends upon size of the tank, availability of fuel and consideration of running costs.

Painting Booths

  • Dry type booths and wet type system
  • Side draft and down draft systems
  • Pressurised and non-pressurised booths
  • Booths with sludge pits
We suggest the right type of paint booths, depending upon paint consumption, paint finish requirement and type of components.

Powder Coating Booths

Powder coating booths with multi-cyclone recovery with after filter. Booth recovery systems always given with after filters to meet pollution norms for powder emissions.
  • Roll-on-roll-off booth to save on cleaning time of the booth off booths

Paint Baking & Powder Curing Ovens

  • Batch type ovens with motorised or pneumatically operated doors
  • Continuous conveyorised ovens
  • Oven heated with electric or oil fired or gas fired or duel fired heating systems depending on availability and cost considerations
  • We use camel back design or re-circulating air seals to reduce heat losses from conveyor cut-outs for continuous ovens depending upon size and production of the components
  • The oven is cassette type bolted construction with minimum metal contact between inside surface and outside surface. This reduces heat losses from oven surface
  • Heat loads and hot air distribution are designed to reach the component temperature in designed heat up time

Revamping Existing Paint Shops

We carry out revamping of paint shops in a short period with minimum shut down time. Planning for this type of job requires very detailed scheduling to the minutest levels.

Up-gradation and Expansion of Existing Paint Shops

We undertake up-gradation and expansion of plants using the latest design concepts. This is done to reduce the plants’ running costs and improve the quality of finishing.

Electro-deposition Plants

We can offer batch type and continuous electro-deposition plants.

Ventilation and Dust-free Systems

We offer dust-free air supply system with humidity and temperature control, depending upon the finishing requirement.

Services for Oven Calibrations and Technical Audits for Paint Shop

Studying the oven calibration graphs, we suggest the corrective action to get uniform temperature in the oven. We perform technical audits for pressurised systems. This helps in maintaining good air balance. Studying the technical audits, we highlight areas of improvements.

Surface Coating

Surface Coating

Surface Coating

Surface Coating

Surface Coating
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